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Thank you for shopping with us!

Customer Care

  • Can I use the e-gift card for in-app purchases?
    Unfortunately e-gift cards can only be used for physical merchandise as seen on
  • Do e-gift cards expire?
    There is no expiration date on your e-gift card. 
  • How do I check my e-gift card balance?
    Return to your e-gift card confirmation page at any time to see your remaining balance.
  • How do I send an e-gift card to a friend?

    You forward the confirmation email to your friend.

  • How do e-gift cards work?

    First select the design of your e-gift card and enter the desired amount from the drop-down menu. Add this to your cart and checkout. Immediately you will receive an email notification of your e-gift card. Click on “View your card” and you will see the e-gift card code. If you purchased this as a gift you can forward the email to the intended recipient. Note. E-Gift Cards will only work in the regional store they are purchased. E-gift card codes can be redeemed at check-out for product as well as shipping cost.

  • Are e-gift cards refundable?
    No, unfortunately e-gift cards cannot be refunded.
  • Help, I lost my e-gift card code! What do I do?
    Please contact Merchandise Support and a new e-gift card will be issued.
  • How do I know if my product is a official Supercell product?

    Every official Supercell product has attached a Supercell hologram with a corresponding serial number to indicate it’s authenticity.

    If your product has the hologram – it’s legit.  Another way to make sure you always get genuine Supercell product is to purchase directly from our store.  

    An example of the hologram is provided below:

    Supercell Product Hologram

  • How does a preorder work?
    Preorders are items that are available for sale but don't ship until a later date (specified on the product detail page). When you purchase a preorder product you are billed immediately upon checkout. This ensures you will receive the product once it becomes available. All preorder items can be cancelled for a full refund up until the product ships. After the product ships, our normal return policy will take effect.
  • If a product is sold out, will you restock?
    Some of our products are limited edition and won’t be restocked. However, most other items will be restocked! Please check the product detail pages for updates.
  • Do you provide info on size guides and product specs?
    If it can be worn, we will have a chart for it. If it can be collected, we will have specs on it. Never fear! Check the product detail page for links and info.
  • Why can't I find products for a certain character?
    Our designers are working overtime to create new products. Stay tuned to our news section or subscribe to our email list for updates. You can also contact us and let us know what characters you’d like to see available on the store!
  • What is a blind bag?
    A blind bag contains 1 of 10 available pin designs. You won’t know which one until you open the package! Keep an eye out for rare pins!

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